Slack is a great tool for express communication with your team or employees. You can access it from any place since it’s available on mobile devices. If you need a message to be delivered fast, Slack is the best tool for that. It helps you to save time. Additionally, you can organize contacts into different categories, create groups, or chat individually.


Do you need a detailed plan for your day and keep it all organized and accessible? Wunderlist is the best tool to help you with every task. You will always be reminded of your projects no matter where you are. With Wunderlist you can take notes, group your files into different folders, always have access to your e-mails. It all becomes much easier with this app and effectively boosts your productivity.


Thanks to Evernote, organizing your notes and plans is now much easier! It allows you to store, and share your notes. It’s your second brain which helps you to get rid of unnecessary thoughts that occupy your mind and lower your productivity. Evernote is easy in use with a friendly interface.


Zapier are apps within an app. Thanks to this software you can manage all your web apps from one place and save time. You can build your own workflow and switch between different apps with just one click. Zapier links systems together and makes your work more productive.


Insightly is an app which is helpful in creating a well-managed customer relationship. But not only. The software helps to create a proper connection with the customer and helps to take care of the relationship. It helps to gather reports, manage time and projects and allows to create a relevant system of communication between you and your customer.

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