Whenever you take a taxi, you unknowingly surrender a little control to the driver. As the person who is driving is completely unknown to you, it is very important that you consider your personal safety while taking a cab.

However, some taxi drivers might be a great source of information about the current events, best restaurants, and entertainment. These drivers are also experts on the unsafe and safe neighborhoods, but a traveler has to be very careful with sharing any sort of information with them as it might pass on to other, which might not yield any favorable outcomes.

1) Ask about the Fare Beforehand

It is always advised to ask about the fare beforehand in order to avoid any kind of complication later. Don’t guess the fare as it differs from place to place. For instance, the taxi fare in Bangalore would be different from taxi fare of any other place. So, always ask and also prior knowledge can avoid all cheating from the driver’s part.

2) Don’t Board a Taxi When Drunk

Too much alcohol is bad for everyone. If you take a taxi when you are drunk then you are just inviting trouble as a person loses his sense of decision making when drunk and goes into a sub-conscious state where he cannot defend himself. Riders have been robbed, beaten, and even rapped when they are badly drunk.

3) Always Look for a Meter and Badge

As per government rules, every taxi driver must have a badge and his taxi should be equipped with a meter. If you don’t see a badge, don’t get into the vehicle. Also, check if the door handles work from inside as well just as a precaution measure.

4) Hide Expensive Things and Always Keep Your Bags Closed

Make sure you keep your phone accessories, iPod, camera, and other expensive things in your bag away from the driver’s reach. On the other side, always keep your phone close to you so that it is easy reachable.

5) Have an Idea of Where You Are Going

Make sure that you have a vague idea of where you are heading to and approximately how long ride is it till your destination. You can always consider checking Google maps for it. Although, the taxi driver might know other short routes to a place, which might be different from the maps online; if you sense something fishy, immediately get out of the taxi and toss the money in the front seat.

With these few precautions, you can be sure of having safe ride always.

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