Normally, users prefer to install such games which offer worthwhile in-app purchases, challenging gameplay, and original objectives. So, we have compiled a list of 18 of the best offline Android games including the best offline shooting games, offline puzzle games, offline RPG games, considering the factors usually a gamer would look for while installing a game on an Android device.

Shadow Fight 2

The armors, weapons and magical powers available to unlock are attractive and would keep you willing to fight for them. The opponents are way more powerful and appealing than the characters you encountered with the first iteration of the game.

There’s a slim difference (negligible) between the real physical reflexes and the in-game character reflexes. So, it is a game where you can experience life-like martial arts techniques.

Nova 3: Freedom Edition

For the same reason, you need an incredibly powerful or well-optimised Android device to run it without any stuttering issues. It presents you with two modes, one for the campaign, and the second being the multiplayer mode. Of course, you need an active Internet connection for the multiplayer mode, but you can still enjoy playing ten levels of campaign mode. The story line offered with the campaign mode is very impressive and fun to play along with.

Nova 3 could be obviously considered as one of the high-quality graphics – offline game – that you can have installed.

Dots: A Game About Connecting

You need to connect only the same-colored dots either horizontally or vertically. Even better, make a square for a bigger score! It offers three different modes of gameplay, time mode (race against the time to complete the challenge), move mod (strategically think about the best moves!), and finally, an Endless mode where you get the complete freedom to try connecting the dots in the right way.

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